How to Start a Business with No Money

We’ve all been through a situation where money has been our fear when starting a business. The fear of investing too much money to only have your company fail in the process is a very nerve wrecking thing to think about. Although, you will never know how far you can achieve in your business if you have never tried. If you you constantly procrastinate and not take the risk of managing a business. Nothing is easy in life. Especially, when it comes to obtaining large amount of money and establishing a well rounded, constructed company. You should not live in fear and take action. Learn from your mistakes and continue on. Never give up!


Memories Made and Friendship Strengthen


I know almost everyone a friend or a group of friends that they will do anything in the world for. These are our my friends.(A few are missing) We haven’t seen each other in some time due to our busy schedule but after New Years, we reconnected and got together to celebrate.Not, only for the New Years but to celebrate a friend that is returning back to his duties in the Air Force. I just want to say appreciate those who value you as an individual.Admire them and protect them as they would for you. “Blood is thicker than water.” But I treat my friends like family.Which, to me, makes them family. Honor, love, integrity, loyalty and respect is what we have for each other.Nothing less. I cherish them with my heart.