Do Not Give Up!

I’ve never been the type of kid to sit and pout because of a loss. I actually view my losses as wins.I believe a loss is a win and win is still a win. Get it? What I am trying to say is that if you win, you are a winner and if you lose…you are still a winner because losing provides you with something you cannot get anywhere and that is the ability of learning from your mistakes. Not only learning but you’ve gained experience and you’ve unlocked something new about yourself. Although, you cannot quit. For if you quit, you will actually lose. It’s human nature to doubt yourself, to feel like a failure during a loss and to be hesitant of your continuation in something after a loss but the moment you quit it’s over.When you lose and keep moving forward, you come back prepared, stronger, wiser,focused..You come back more experience and the most valuable lesson obtained is that you will not commit to the same mistake again for you do not want to lose in that way…This time you want to win.Do not give up!Follow your heart and look beyond the horizon.There will always be ups and down.Its up to you whether or not you let difficulties ,losses etc. Define you and your decisions.Champions do not give up and grow and win.Loser quit and stay losers….


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