Quick Write #1-Happiness

We search long and hard for this emotion.For this indispensable feeling,is what keeps the many who have found it, sane and in tact with themselves.Obtaining happiness is not as easy as it sounds. On a daily, we get a taste of what happiness feels. For example, many of us feel a certain feeling when it is our birthdays.Its a quick spark of joy that fills us up and keeps us in a exciting and energetic state. It is something that many of mankind craves. It’s a feeling that we wish can stay constant because life is a very difficult and constantly test your strength with nerve wrecking obstacles to test your character and self being. Days and nights can be cold, lonely, and cruel for many. When I hear stories about individuals who are sad, depressed, down, and unhappy that contemplate suicide or are in the process of suicide, they stop. Why? Yes, many are scared to take their own lives and do not proceed but there are others who say they were saved. They were saved by someone or something who opened their eyes and brought them a feeling that is unparalleled or cannot be competed with. That is happiness.
Happiness is so strong that it can be tied to the power of love.In fact, these two can be interdependent, depending on how you go about of finding the two.Either, you just want happiness or you want to be in love.But being in love brings happiness.

I do not believe that just being successful and having a lot of money provides happiness. To some it does but if it really provided happiness, then why do some that can have anything life has to offer are unhappy or commit suicide. Why? Life is at their mercy yet they are not satisfied. I’ve met a man one summer night, the lights of the boardwalk along the Jersey shore illuminated the sky and the endless chatter and laughs of the civilians there were endless. This man was an older man, in his forties years of age, who was always laughing. I was buying some sweets at a candy shop along the boardwalk and he was there as well, buying some sweets.The line stretched, so to past time, we started conversing. He was no rich man, no doctor, no politician. He was not in a profession of any sort. This man was simple yet a hardworking individual who always seemed to make ends meet. That summer night, the man said something to me that I’ll always remember. We were talking about life, it’s obstacles and happiness. He stated”Do you know why I’m happy? I don’t have the money, I’m not famous..I’m a nobody but I’m filled with the people I love.I don’t need materials to fill me with joy but the ones I love around me is sufficient.If you spend your life thinking that to be happy you need things that just satisfy your ego than your wrong.You’ll never be happy.”The man was right.It’s like the idea of getting a new car that you’ve been dying to get for months/years.You are happy for the first few months or year but then you get tired of the car and want something new.You look at the car as something regular and that happiness that you started with after first getting the car, is not there anymore. It’s what I stated earlier, true happiness stays constant. Even on the worst days of your life you are still happy. True happiness is irreplaceable and is a necessity. Obtaining it keeps us at peace with ourselves and others and healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s up to you to find it. Do what makes you happy and do not let life knock you down or people from obtaining your happiness.



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