Forest Hills Drive


It was leaked! Thank goodness! I am really impressed with how J. Cole handled this album. He is a master mind at making experiences into rap stories and emitting his emotions. He is not afraid to speak his mind and to be truthful with fans. J. Cole is the few rappers who can capture an audience attention with his lyrical messages. Many people now prefer to listen to others like Bobby Shmurda and call that music..When in reality these rappers just have nice beats and catchy phrases. I love how when J. Cole speaks everyone listens because everyone feels what he feels or are captured by his words. You’ll be in the same position as you listen to the album. I hope you enjoy. “Cole World”!


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  1. Sammy Silva · December 6, 2014

    I like J Cole a lot as well, super talented. But he made a huge mistake going after Eminem on “Fire Squad”. We’ll see how that turns out if Eminem even responds to the track with one of his own.

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