Learn to be a actor ( the charisma booster)



This ideal came in mind when i was watching californication, starring David Duchovny as hank moody. While i was watching this show i learned how great this actor body language,  characteristics, and improv skills are and i wonder how I can apply these skills to my life. One day, I studied acting for a week,  I notice my personality has build up and also discover how useful acting skills can be in real life situations.  This article is not about becoming a actor, but how to act in real life situations. So here are a few tips you can learn from acting.

1. Teaches us great body language

When teaching yourself acting, you will learn various types of body languages whether its the way you walk, smile, or even keep eye contact and etc. for example if you watch one of your favorite movies or actors you will notice  how great their body…

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