Quick Write #2- Friendship



Friends are the family members you wished you had as blood relatives but instead you unite through bonds, understanding, and great communication. Even spiritually and emotionally. Everyday, as I scroll through my social medias, I see a lot of people constantly posting “I don’t trust anyone.” Or “F*** Friends.All I have is myself.” I know many have been betrayed by a “friend” and has caused them to think this way but deep down, the majority us do not feel this way and enjoy the company of a friend….A good friend. The friends that I’ve built trust with, grown to love them like family, even grown create bonds that are so tight and strong that it cannot be broken by God’s force. When you have friends, you enjoy your time and you build stories and unforgettable memories. You share a portion of your life with people who matter most that are not family. In the photo above those are a portion of my friends, I’m missing a few other members but they were not present that day. They are incredible and although we’ve gotten distant do to our lives being busy and going down the paths towards our careers, I still never forget about them. I always believed that you shouldn’t stop being friends with someone because they are doing what they have to. Yes, the calling might be less from there on out, the hanging out and partying etc. But that’s all just a part of growing up. Good friends stay in touch no matter if it took them months to call, the fact that they wanted to see how you were soon matters.
I take my friendships seriously because when you find connections with people, they should be cherished unless it has been broken.I am aware myself that you cannot trust anyone but if someone is willing to risk they life you and go above all measures to protect you than you should do the same in return and admire that person. Admire that friend for his actions show how much he appreciates you as his friend. In a friendship all look for is loyalty,honesty,integrity, morals and values,consideration and respect. Nothing less and nothing more. I would advise to everyone that if you have good friends, DO NOT take them for granted and what not. Protect your friend, cherish them, and love them just as like they will do for you. For the times shared with them are unforgettable and have been written in your chapters of history. Continue to make more chapters and live,love and laugh….Most importantly learn.


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