Looking for an Extra for your Film?

I’ve been dying to get an insight on what it is like behind the scenes of a film. I am at that point in my life where I want to boost my passion. My passion is located in the acting field. Along with business/entrepreneurship. My plan was to start a business, build its structure and turn into a solid, standardized, well structured, lucrative business then enter the acting world. But, my curiosity to be behind the set kills me. So, I’m willing to learn acting and undergo the experience as a minor role so I can get a taste and prepare myself for anything in the future. If interested in my appearance on your set than contact me @prietoenterprises@outlook.com or contact me through social media @btheteenwonder (twitter) and @brandonprietoo (Instagram). I would like to advise you, I have not taken any classes on acting besides a workshop I’ve taken that was held in my school and was a stage manager for a play. I also opened the show that night to enlighten the audience with words that were scripted and I had to memorize.


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