I Am Back!

School has been piling up with my time and other activities that I have been involved with in the past weeks. I am going into my Christmas vacation. It’s incredible I have a lot of homework during the break but I am going to enjoy in and post throughout my break. I have to keep my relationship with my readers and not have it go stale. I wish everyone a great holiday and I hope things go well for everyone. Lets end the year in a nice, calm, collective manner.

Looking for an Extra for your Film?

I’ve been dying to get an insight on what it is like behind the scenes of a film. I am at that point in my life where I want to boost my passion. My passion is located in the acting field. Along with business/entrepreneurship. My plan was to start a business, build its structure and turn into a solid, standardized, well structured, lucrative business then enter the acting world. But, my curiosity to be behind the set kills me. So, I’m willing to learn acting and undergo the experience as a minor role so I can get a taste and prepare myself for anything in the future. If interested in my appearance on your set than contact me @prietoenterprises@outlook.com or contact me through social media @btheteenwonder (twitter) and @brandonprietoo (Instagram). I would like to advise you, I have not taken any classes on acting besides a workshop I’ve taken that was held in my school and was a stage manager for a play. I also opened the show that night to enlighten the audience with words that were scripted and I had to memorize.

What do Delaware Rappers Have to Offer?(Explicit)

Delaware may be a small state but do not ridicule the people of Delaware due to our state size. We have many talents located in this small state. From actors, future/current entrepreneurs, and even rappers. (If they did not migrate to different location.) I am going to introduce to a few rappers I listen to that reside in Delaware. They will not disappoint you and can be viewed as a threat to upcoming artist. The many different styles they portray and use to engage in their verses is simply fascinating! Also, if any other upcoming artist wants me to promote their music then please follow me on twitter @btheteenwonder and instagram @brandonprietoo.